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“The All Ears Jazz camp is the most authentic and successful program for young jazz musicians I have have ever seen. I’ve had the great pleasure of participating in this camp twice and both times I’ve been amazed by the exuberance, musicality and sheer joy of the camp. Jazz is a land of freedom and All Ears takes you there.”
- Ray Anderson
Prof. SUNY Stony Brook

“This interactive camp is ideal for ALL musicians of ALL ages who have dreamed of taking a solo and didn't know where to start.  You won't need a music stand or pencil...just your instrument and your EARS...and be ready to have fun!” 
-Mary Jo Papich
Jazz Education Network Co-founder

“I applaud the efforts of my colleagues Keith Pray and Arthur Falbush for devising a teaching concept that is by far the most unique model for teaching Jazz to young people that I've come across. The whole "color by numbers" concept that so-called Jazz academics have been peddling for far too long needs to be reaccessed.” 
-Ray Vega 
Prof. University of Vermont

“I thought the program was absolutely incredible! I learned so much about jazz and just music in general and I can't wait to put it to use in the future.” 

“To see a stage filled with 40+ individuals from the ages of 9 to 70+, all grooving to the sound of MUSIC and connecting to the audience is proof that this model needs to become a very serious part of the narrative of Jazz education.” 
-Ray Vega
Prof. University of Vermont

“The class was high-engagement and low-stress - truly a great opportunity for all experience levels.”

“The instructors were friendly and helped the kids feel comfortable trying new ways to learn music. They encouraged the kids to be creative and have fun. My son had a blast and he already talks about doing this again next year!” -Parent

“I was completely amazed by the talent and what each student learned in just 5 days!! -Parent”

“I had the opportunity to teach at the All Ears jazz program in Illinois this summer, and it was a meaningful experience for me and for the kids. The music they learn represents the very best of American music – Mingus, Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, the Rebirth Brass Band, Count Basie to name a few. But the biggest benefit of camp is that it encourages the students to be themselves and to find their own voice as musicians and people.”
-Dr. Todd Kelly
Director of Jazz Ensembles
Bradley University

The All Ears program is what jazz education should be all about: learning music in the great aural tradition!
-Dr. William Meckley, 
Dean of the School of Music 
Schenectady County Community College

“Art and Keith are outstanding instructors who have perfected a technique that reflects back to the aural tradition of playing on the band stand.  Consider bringing them to YOUR school, you will HEAR the difference!"
-Mary Jo Papich
Jazz Education Network Co-founder

“I can't tell you how proud I am of  Keith Pray and Dr Arthur Falbush. They are bringing our sacred (jazz) traditions to kids in "the traditional" way. By ear. I can assure you Louis Armstrong, didn't have google, play alongs or access to any books on the subject. Somehow jazz education got a little off track in the last 50 years. Some people talk about things and other people do things. Very proud to know these men and TOTALLY know that their hearts are in the right place. Our tradition is safe in their hands. We all benefit.”
-Bob Button
Director of Jazz
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

“Every student in a jazz ensemble should participate in the program!” -Parent

“This program was very approachable for every age level, which I wasn't sure could be possible. The very knowledgeable instructors made everyone feel safe to find their own way in improvisation.”

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