All Ears Jazz Workshops are offered in several different formats. If you are interested in hosting an event click here to learn about some possibilities for your event. Below you will find a listing of upcoming and past events.

Unfortunately due to the Covid pandemic, we will not be holding in person events for the time being. HOWEVER we are excited to offer a FREE event open to all ages and abilities that we hope will help keep a sense of community and collaboration that will be fun and informative!

The philosophy and methodology of our All Ears programs has always been to provide a variation on the time-honored aural tradition of learning jazz and improvised music.


The heart of the methodology is to help participants develop the skills needed to play the music they hear, going beyond the written page while working together to achieve common goals; communication, building community, expression, responsibility to a group, etc. Working together participants learn to play what they hear, not just notes and rhythms but also finer points of style and performance practice. 

This is an exciting opportunity for us to explore these ideas in a new virtual environment, potentially connecting to many more people. Although the format may be different, our goal is to still provide a meaningful, fun experience that maintains our educational ideals. 

This years online event will be a five day event (about two hours each day), where participants are encouraged to participate in all five days but could attend however many sessions they choose. Each day will have two main components of approximately an hour. The first component each day will be performance based (how to apply information and making music). The second session each day will feature time to interact with guest artists from our past All Ears workshops. This will help provide the opportunity to be a part of a community while learning from those who are masters of the tradition, which is part of what makes All Ears so special!

We hope you will join us on our new adventure!



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