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Interested in hosting and event? here some ideas for you to consider.

Programs offered at All Ears:

All programs incorporate the ALL EARS philosophy and methodology, a variation on the time-

honored aural tradition of learning jazz and improvised music. The methodology comes from a

lineage in which the ear was privileged over the written page and all instruction is based on

listening and working together. Students learn to play what they hear, not just notes and

rhythms but also finer points of style and performance practice; things that don’t show up on

the written page. Since there is no written music, students must learn and keep the form and

be responsible for not just their parts but all of the parts and how they fit together. Students

overcome their fear of improvising through rigorous call and response sessions that incorporate

appropriate harmonic and performance practice ideas.

One Week or Two Week Camps

Monday through Friday day (9am to 3 pm) intensive. Any age, any level, all music learned

without sheet music. The program ends with a Friday evening concert featuring students and


One or Two Day

A more compact version of our week/ two week long programs. The end of the session features

a short concert featuring students and faculty.


Teacher Training

An overview of the ALLEARS philosophy/methodology and a step by step approach on how to

implement it into existing large ensemble curriculum. No prior experience in jazz or improvised

music is necessary.

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